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Betty Pei Ti (Chinese: 貝蒂; pinyin: Bèidì; born 10 November 1951) is a Chinese actress. Though born in Taiwan, she is best known for her roles in Hong Kong films, particularly of the Shaw Brothers Studio. She was born Han Pai-chou (韩白绸) in Yilan City, Taiwan. In 1971, while touring Hong Kong with a Chinese arts troupe, she came to the attention of director Chor Yuen.[1] He asked her to star opposite Lily Ho [fr] in Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan, the Shaw Brothers' first gay (lesbian) film, released in 1972.[2] Betty Pei Ti's performance endeared her to the studio, and she was persuaded to stay in Hong Kong and make movies. In the course of the 1970s, she became more active in Taiwanese cinema and by the end of the decade appeared exclusively in Taiwanese films. She continued acting in films until 1981.


1978Da la ma
1978無字天書 as Flower Fox
1977楚留香 as Princess Yin Chi
1975Zei gong ji
1974Shao Lin he shang
1973Da Dao Wang Wu as Camomile
1973The Sugar Daddies as Irene
1973女警察 as Sao Mei
1973The Villains as Guest Star
1973Fen nu qing nian as Fanny
1972風月奇譚 as Chin Pao / Ex Mrs. Teng
1972愛奴 as Chun Yi


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