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Mesto rođenja Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Rođendan 1966-05-23
Takođe poznat kao Jon Benjamin


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2018Star Trek: Short Treks as Edward Larkin
2018The Who Was? Show as Narrator
2017Star Trek: Discovery as Edward Larkin
2017Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later as Can of Vegetables (voice)
2015Difficult People as Brian
2015Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp as Mitch / Can of Vegetables
2013Nathan For You as Himself
2011Jon Benjamin Has a Van
2011Soul Quest Overdrive as Mortimer (voice)
2011Bob's Burgers as Bob Belcher (voice)
2009Titan Maximum
2009Archer as Sterling Archer (voice)
2009Michael & Michael Have Issues as Larry
2009Parks and Recreation
2009Important Things with Demetri Martin as Another Guy with a Neck Brac
2009Important Things with Demetri Martin as Benjamin Franklin
2009Important Things with Demetri Martin as Burglar 1
2007WordGirl as Jewelry Store Clerk
2007WordGirl as Museum Curator
2007WordGirl as Reginald
2007Human Giant
2006Assy McGee as Additional
2006Assy McGee as Mayor
2006Freak Show as Helen Hartsdale
2006Freak Show as Tuck
2005Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil as Satan / Special Father #1 (voice)
2005American Dad!
2004Perfect Hair Forever
2004Pilot Season as Ken Fold
2004The Venture Bros.
2004O'Grady as Iris
2004Cheap Seats as Gene Stapleton
2004Cheap Seats as Rabbi Marc Shalowitz
2002Saddle Rash
2000Aqua Teen Hunger Force
1999Home Movies as Coach John McGuirk
1999Home Movies as Jason Penopolis
1999Home Movies as Perry
1999Породичан Човек
1997Science Court as Prof. Parsons
1997The Jenny McCarthy Show
1995Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist as Ben Katz (voice)
Understanding as Quark

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2006Freak Show - Producer


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